Strawberry chia compote

for breakfasts and desserts

Strawberry chia compote

This couldn’t be any easier! I make this when I want something sweet I can reach for in the fridge that’s healthy and not full of refined sugar. I love it with my oatmeal or overnight oats, on pancakes, brownies, banana pudding, waffles….

You can use any berries or fruit you’d like! So easy.

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Strawberry chia compote

recipe from Lisa Rice's Kitchen Plantastic


10 – 12 oz bag of frozen strawberries, defrosted
4-5 pitted medjool dates
2 T chia seeds.


Pulse the dates and the strawberries until they have broken down, stir in the chia, put in sealed container in fridge overnight.

*I like to keep my dates partially intact, but you can process until smooth if you’d like. You can also just put everything in the blender or food processor. I like to stir the chia seeds in because I prefer the chunkier texture.

Lisa Rice

Sr. Health Mentor & Director of Content and Promotion