Why do some people age like depleted versions of their former selves while some age like badass mothers? Irreverent, provocative, engaging, and entertaining, Age Like a Badass Mother is the ANTI Anti-Aging podcast.

With guests who were "influencers" before that was even a thing, Lisa Rice and Lauren Bernick are learning from the OGs and flipping the script about growing older.

Live virtual classes and one-on-one coaching

As a founding nutrition and lifestyle coach, cooking instructor, and educator at the Whole Foods Medical and Wellness Center, Lisa Rice helped the store’s employees and executives take control of their health. Now, in partnership with Forks Over Knives physicians Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman, she brings her decades of experience to virtual group classes and private sessions.

Eat more plants!

It’s that simple. Whether you are vegan, whole-food plant-based, omni, flexi, whatever. Eating more plant foods is better for you, better for the planet, and better for the animals.

  • It’s not a diet.
  • It’s not about deprivation.
  • We do not focus on what you can’t have.
  • There is no “good” and “bad” food. And absolutely no “shoulds.”

We empower you to enjoy the foods that align with your values and goals, celebrate your body with movement you love, and discover a lifestyle that supports your most vital self.


"You've always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself."
Glinda the Good Witch


"You've always had the power my dear,
you just had to learn it for yourself."
Glinda the Good Witch

I did one session with Lisa and am already exercising more, getting outside, eating better, and have lost 5 pounds. I feel better about myself and am enjoying eating less processed foods. Her whole approach of baby steps, not judging myself, and having a vision of where I want to be has worked wonders. On top of that, people are raving about her Morning Glory Muffin recipe. Thank you Lisa!

Nancy T

Coaching client

Lisa taught me more than anything I’ve ever learned from anyone in all my years of TV. She taught me clean eating 20 years before it became popular.

Loriana Hernandez-Aladama

Award Winning Journalist | Author | Motivational Speaker

Lisa’s coaching dramatically affected my life’s trajectory in the most amazing ways.

Jessica Pastore

VP of Product Development & Strategy at PLANTSTRONG Foods

We have worked with Lisa for over a decade and can confidently say she is truly exceptional – her talents are many including cooking, coaching, and caring. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but able to relay information in easy to follow steps that make changing your diet and lifestyle feel effortless, fun, and sustainable. It is a privilege to work with Lisa and we cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives. 

Alona Pulde, MD and Matthew Lederman MD

Physicians featured in Forks Over Knives, New York Times Bestselling Authors, co-founders of WeHeal

If you are just now getting to know who Lisa is, you are in for a treat (and a rather great tasting one at that). I’ve known Lisa for years and watched her in the plant-based world helping people to change their lifestyles and enjoy the food they are eating while doing it. She leads with her heart, supports with compassion, and cooks with precision while keeping her style to teaching to cook approachable for everyone. If you get the opportunity to work with her take it and you won’t be disappointed in any way.

Dan Marek

Director of Plant-Based Culinary and Development, Rouxbe Online Culinary School